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I'm Debbie Heuer.
As an organizational development consultant I combine expertise in learning and change management to improve the performance of leaders and teams. With over 20 years of experience as an educator, manager and consultant, I facilitate the performance of others through:

Organizational Planning
Executive Coaching
Team Development
Customized Training

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When should you contact me?

1. You have an important initiative that requires multiple levels of people, planning, communication and analysis to effectively implement the change.

2. Your organization is growing rapidly and is challenged to develop new processes and plans while managing increasing operational demands.

3. Two or more groups or individuals are struggling to collaborate, share goals or implement required changes in a timely manner or they are unable to negotiate due to historical conflicts or politics.

4. You are a leader who needs opportunity to reflect on the strategic direction of your organization, your leadership style, your succession plans or your structure; you need an external perspective to provide you with an opportunity to think through problems without compromising your position or your relationships with others.

5. You are a leader who needs support for your own career development.

6. You need an objective assessment of the current state of your organization to effectively develop your strategic plans.

7. Your executive team is less collaborative than your strategic plans warrant; you want to accelerate the collaboration of the team through dialogue, consensus building and accountability.

8. You want to develop a talent management strategy to ensure that top organizational talent is identified, attracted, retained, and developed.

9. You want to re-design a process that involves multiple stakeholders.

10. You want to strengthen a partnership with key customers.


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